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This site is here as a “Good News” website. The Good News is that I am a Bibliologian and Theologian and can answer the tough questions of “Why does Evil Exist?, Why are there so many religions? And “Why does God allow suffering?” I can even answer the question most asked on Google of “Why Does My Boss Hate Me?"

Are You A Blessed Christian?

How many of you were led to believe becoming a Christian would bless you and benefit your lives?

How many of you have been given a clear understanding of how to be a Christian according to biblical principles to receive those blessings?

What are you willing to do to save yours and your children’s lives?

Are you willing to trust and obey God in all things?

God wants us to trust Him, but can he trust you to obey what He says?

How Christians Can Gain Knowledge

2 Tim 2:15 tells us, Study to be approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed.

We’re also told in Hos 4:6, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

We now live in a world where innocent children are suffering with major diseases and dying because of them. Adults are also suffering with major diseases and problems as well and also dying way too young. The majority of people do not understand the whys of the diseases, evils in the world, and the problems and disasters we have in our world now. Many people live in fear now of the next disease epidemics to come, or disasters being threatened of terrorism, storms and earthquakes.

Then there’s the further threat from God himself that he will reject us if we reject his knowledge.

All these threats to our health, success and happiness could be avoided if people didn’t lack the knowledge of God he expects us to obtain through the study of his word. Even Christ says in Matt 4:4 It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. This passage refers to the Old Testament passage of Deut 8:3 where God says the exact same thing. Notice this says “Man” which covers every nation, race and religion of all people everywhere.

Excerpt From "The Incomplete Person"

In my quest to be accepted and approved of by God, I did some in-depth thinking about what I really wanted in life. The following three paragraphs are the introduction in my book “The Incomplete Person.” They will give the reader a guideline of the studies I’ve done to help people understand the why’s, wherefores, and how’s to obtaining the good lives they want. I don’t want others to be destroyed, rejected and forgotten by God because they lack the knowledge of him and his ways.

      "If you were to take a survey of the three most important things a person wants in their life they would be
        love, good health and money.
(Strange how I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want any one of these
        things). But I have met many who don’t have these things.

        The next questions should be… How would you obtain all of these things? What must I do or know to
        attain them? Who could we go to for all the answers we seek for a good, long, healthy, prosperous, safe,
        love filled life? Is there one person that has one set of standards that works for every one? Is there one
        body of persons that everyone in that group is perfectly healthy, is prosperous, safe, has nothing but love
        for everyone and lives a long life? If we cannot find one group of people who enjoys all these things, then
        whose fault is that? Who is supposed to be teaching us these “THINGS OF LIFE” that would give us all
        we want and need for a good life?

        Many believe it is our church leaders’ duty to teach us these “things of life,” but who is teaching the
        leaders? How do we know what they are being taught? If they are being taught right, then why are the
        people so spiritually and physically sick with so many diseases, and have so many tragedies and financial
        problems? Why do the leaders themselves have such bad lives and bad things happening? What
        information is missing that they are not learning that is keeping them from having the good life they are
        seeking? Who is regulating the Bible schools and the curriculum our church leaders are learning from?
        Do our religious leaders realize that our creator will hold them accountable for the souls that are lost due
        to wrong teachings? How do we know for sure if what we are being taught is right?"

I want everyone to realize that these “Things of Life” are issues that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. Those things include our health and our children’s health, our finances, our relationships, our careers and success in anything we want to accomplish.


Many people want us to believe there are no easy answers, but my approach to the studies I have done proves otherwise.  Whether you come to this site as a Christian, Judean or simply someone who wants fresh insight into our world today, I present to you a perspective that will revolutionize the way you think about the Bible, religion, life in general and our relationship to the divine.

Both my books are extraordinary reference books 15 years in the making. They provide solid, straight forward advice, offering biblical insights, and designed to bestow blessings of wisdom, hope and encouragement upon people everywhere. The principles in these books place the power to heal and change back into the hands of the believer, by teaching how to create lasting change in your life. They will literally transform your life.

They give an eye opening look at how mistakes, changes and confusions shaped the biblical concepts we have today. These books will give you hope and show you the Bible’s solutions for the crises we see in the news and the difficulties you face in everyday life.

Bibliologian and Theologian Explains Why Evil Exists

In my quest as a Bible scholar, I did some major studies of all the biblical concepts over the past 30 years that has brought me to a more correct understanding of the Word of God. Part of that quest started out as a means to find the answers to difficult “Life” questions that pastors were not answering. I didn’t set out to become a Bibliologian or Theologian, but that is what my training has led me to become.

In all the studies I have done over the past 30 years, I have not found any pastors, ministers or theologians that would dare to embark on the subject of “evil” and give adequate answers to my “Whys?” My in depth studies on evil have answered all my questions, and can be proved by the Bible

I can now answer the “whys of evil?”  and give adequate answers to those who are suffering and want to know why. My 36 page comprehensive report covers how evil got started, who started it, why, and how to end evil, along with our suffering.

For the people who want to get a better understanding of the Bible and its biblical concepts, and to be abundantly blessed by God, then the smartest thing they can do is learn this information I have put into these books. My books offer something unique that others do not. I understand the needs and concerns of the people today. They’re confused, fearful and have lost trust in the leaders that are supposed to be leading them. I can guarantee they will have their trust and faith in God restored and all confusion will vanish because of the information God has inspired me to write to help you.

God and Christ have heard your cries for help and answers; they have seen your suffering. They love you and want to heal you. But they need you to trust them, obey them, and learn the information necessary in order to be healed. If you truly do trust God and Christ then trust them with the information I am presenting to you today to help you. The information I teach comes from God and His Holy Spirit training me in all things. Even my book editor says these books make it easy to understand the Bible. (See the comments my editor made on the “Book Review” page).

Theologians such as myself are supposed to edify and encourage others in their walk with Christ and that is exactly the reason I wrote these books – to help you to get your needs met, and your questions answered. I’m all about helping people understand God’s principles better, and to make their lives better. So if you’re looking for a voice of hope and someone who can actually help you and answer your questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

Questions I Answer

I can give you the answers you’re looking for. I have already answered the main questions most people ask. Questions like:

> How can I be healed?
> Where is God?
> How can I have peace in my everyday life?
> How can I get my prayers answered?
> Why is there so much disease and how can it be stopped?
> Why do Christians have so many problems?
> Where was God when…?
> Why does God allow evil?
> How could a good God allow bad things to happen?
> How could I avoid evil happening to me?
> Why does evil exist?
> Why did God make evil?
> How did evil start?
> How can we end evil?
> Why are there so many religions?
> How do you know what the right religion is?
> What is wrong with us choosing whatever religion we want? 
> How did we get three (3) major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) out of one (1) Bible? 

Unfortunately there is way too much information in answering these questions and giving complete explanations, to be able to put it on a website. I’ve put all the info into these books to benefit you. 

What the Books Will Do For You

These books will:
 > Arm you against the perils of bad thinking and supplies you with strategies to help you be more logical,
realistic and rational in all aspects of your daily life.
 > Provide clarity and insight along with useful info to give your life more guidance and success. They are
guaranteed to meet your needs and answer your questions.
 > Impart to you the same wisdom and knowledge God has given me. Allow God to lead you, step-by-step, to
the wealth of knowledge and life changing info he provides to live disease and problem free lives just like I
have discovered can be done.
 > Answer some of life’s most perplexing questions.
 > Will teach you how to obtain perfect health physically and emotionally, have success in marriage, be
prosperous in work and life, have financial stability, have and feel love and great joy, have supernatural
protection, long life and assurance of life.
 > These books are guaranteed to give you control back over your life, and not only extend your life, but will
greatly improve the quality of your life too.
 > Provide advanced Bible and religious studies to greatly improve biblical knowledge and understanding for
surviving the coming end time tribulations,
and understanding the reason for the wars in the middle East.

When you are done reading these books, you will see first hand how this way of living brings so much peace and prosperity. The veil will be lifted from your eyes and you’ll wonder why you didn’t see this before. It’s so simple, but yet missed by so many people. Those who want to survive the end time tribulations need these books. They are a “MUST HAVE” for every believer who wants to survive.

You will want to read and re-read these books many times – they are a never failing guide that will enrich your life and make it more satisfying.

God’s Promises ARE REAL

I used to be skeptical of things like believing I could be disease free. But there was something about God’s promise and invitation that made me believe… and feel at ease. After much research and trial and error, I have discovered just how amazing and accurate God’s promises are. The small changes I made in my thinking and religious practices made a huge difference in the success in my health and life. I am so glad I believed him. I have been disease free ALL my adult life and I’m 59 years old now. You can be disease free too.

The systematized facts and knowledge derived from the scriptures and studied with scientific methods have proved conclusive that God’s principles do work to provide 100% disease and problem free lives when the principles God outlines are practiced in our lives. Not only my biblical research but my controlled experiment can be repeated by any other researcher, or anyone who desires to put God to the test to prove to themselves they can become disease free too. I challenge all researchers, ministry professionals or anyone else who desires to put my studies and experiment to the test.

Make 3 small changes in your thinking and religious practices and I guarantee you will see an immediate and significant difference in your well-being. No one needs to make radical changes in order to benefit from the small changes. Once I made the small changes, I discovered that the new way of thinking, believing and acting buys me great peace of mind and assurance of my life, health, finances and salvation. I know that these same small changes can give others satisfaction in their lives too. I list the changes I made in my FREE Supplemental Report on "Why Evil Exists and How to Stop It." Get your FREE Report when you order "All About Israel" or "The Incomplete Person"

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is COMPLETELY GUARANTEED, not just for 30, 60, or 90 days, but for A FULL YEAR.

I GUARANTEE these books are saturated with principles of truth that will bless your marriage, your children, your finances and other “life” needs. Give the books a try for 6 to 12 months. If you don’t receive blessings after putting the principles into practice, then return it for a full refund.

This is how certain I am of your success. I want you to know that you have nothing to lose with these books. And what you have to gain is better health, more wisdom, security in life and salvation.

I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE my books will show you how to live a happier, more secure life than you ever dreamed possible. If the info I put into these books doesn’t help you, then return it for a full refund.

I urge you not to let this opportunity to pass you by without ordering.

Your children and family are counting on you to learn this information to teach them and help them live better lives too and lead them to salvation with Christ. You know you can’t let them down, especially when you know you are responsible for their care and well being.

Isn’t it time you did something wonderful for yourself and family and provide them peace of mind too?

If you’re like I was 30 years ago… looking for a way to change your life… searching for a way to guarantee health and salvation for yourself and loved ones… then my books will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

These information packed books can change – and even save your life. But they can’t help you if you don’t have them. These books are coming from a place of love from God, the Holy Spirit and me to try to help you understand the errors that have caused your problems and misery.  These two powerful reference books are at prices that everyone can afford.

FREE Supplemental Report

Also Included in your order is my FREE Supplemental report on Why Evil Exists.

I’ve written a 36 page booklet, “Why Evil Exists and How to Stop It” that addresses the questions of evil head-on. It helps us understand why God allows it and shows how we can end the suffering.

I encourage you to not wait until tomorrow… for tomorrow may never come to some people you know and love. Help them today by ordering TODAY! With my FULL YEAR GUARANTEE you have absolutely nothing to lose.

I can guarantee that this new way of thinking, believing and acting will buy you peace of mind and assurance of life, health and finances. It worked for me and it can for you too!! TRY IT yourself ! !

You can’t solve a problem unless you first realize and acknowledge there is one.

 -Thousands of people have reclaimed their lives by admitting this principle.
 -Thousands more will never reclaim their lives because they fear change or think it's too hard to change.
 -Sheer stubbornness and unbelief has destroyed more lives because people don’t think they need to change.

“Why call me Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46; Matt 7:21)

God and Christ have brought you this far. Don't let Satan's fear and unbelief stop you from achieving your ultimate life goals and success. God and I are both telling you that YOU CAN HAVE THE SUCCESSFUL LIFE YOU WANT, and I show you how in my books. 


  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Tenacity Challenge

I am challenging anyone who wants a better life to take the following challenge. Taking this challenge should prove to all who take it that God’s word is true and God does bless those who live by His ways.

These are the steps to take to learn how to please God and Christ and to show them the honor, respect and love they deserve. It will also show them how much faith you have in them and their word.

1- Keep the commands exactly as God says to do them for 1 year. See All About Israel, Ch 2 for the whys, wherefores and how.
2 - Do tithing the way I teach in The Incomplete Person, Chap 8 for 1 year
3 - Eliminate all man-made traditions for 1 year. Matt 15:2-9; Mark 7:2-13. See The Incomplete Person, Ch 3 & 5 for the whys, wherefores and how.
4 - Eliminate all idols and graven images, including the cross for 1 year. Deut 5:8

Then write down ALL your diseases and problems. See how many you can eliminate in 3 months, 6 months and 1 year with my methods outlined in The Incomplete Person, Chap 5 & 6. (This can be set up like a snowball getting out of debt type system.) Once a person starts living intentionally obedient to God and Christ, they will start seeing the evidence that God’s word is true, and can become disease and problem FREE like I have done. I absolutely GUARANTEE this does work. 

The transformation God wants to make in our lives requires intentional faith, obedience and complete surrender to God’s and Christ’s every word. A return to righteousness and a humble heart and attitude are the key with God. Try this challenge and I guarantee you will see the evidence that it does work. Once you see the evidence that this system does work, then we as a nation can institute the greatest reform this world has ever had.

Lets make this Tenacity Challenge become America’s faith based solution to making peoples’ lives great again.
I want to hear from everyone who takes this challenge and tell me how your life has changed for the better. I would also like for anyone who cares about others to pass this challenge on to as many people as you know

Tenacity Design & Publishing Copyright © 2017

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You’ve taken a complicated book such as the Bible and made it easy for the everyday man to understand, the way it should be understood. Good job!! Thank you.
Wade Sumner –Sun City, AZ

I research many topics of interest from time to time, therefore when it came to homing down on the particulars of my interest I found your book "All About Israel" & would have to say it was the Spirit of God. I love your passion and zeal for the word & your light is strong.
Abraham Simmons -Stone M
t., GA

I’ve never seen all the religions listed in this
way before, this is really fascinating.
Myles Reiner, Assistant Pastor - Phoenix, AZ

Here is a small sampling of the great maps and graphs included in All About Israel to help the reader understand religion better.

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