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This site is here as a “Good News” website. The Good News is that I am a Bibliologian and Theologian and can answer the tough questions of “Why does Evil Exist?, Why are there so many religions? And “Why does God allow suffering?” I can even answer the question most asked on Google of “Why Does My Boss Hate Me?"

Tenacity Design and Publishing was created by Mel Constance, the author of 5 books as a means to self-publish her own books and provide a means for people to be able to purchase her books. Mel Constance is a 30+ year Bible scholar, Bibliologian and theologian. Her indepth studies of the Bible, the various religions and God have given her a spiritual understanding and insight to be able to help other people, to answer their tough "Life" questions of why evil exists and help them improve their health, life and blessings.

The books Constance has written were inspired for the benefit of all who read them. They are designed to give you wisdom and knowledge to bless and benefit your lives and give a clearer understanding of God's word. They are also designed to be easy-reading religious guides to help pastors and clergy improve their ministry and help other people improve their spiritual walk with God, their health and life in general. I've even had people who've said they are not much of a reader say they are easy to understand. These books were intended to be a blessing for everyone at all levels of education and understanding.

Following are three of the books Mel Constance has written that are the most helpful to getting answers for everyday issues.
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This 40 page Book will answer many of your questions of Why Evil Exists and How to Stop It. It answers over 30 common most asked questions (See list on "Books" Page) regarding the evils and diseases rampant in our world today.
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